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Project/Program Management Best Practices for Success in ANY Industry!
By Eddie R. Williams

Where is our success? Although there have been improvements, over 60% of projects/programs failed and many were canceled in 2003 (ref:The Standish Report CHAOS)! Our goal for 2004 and beyond is to contribute to a 60% and better, project/program success rate! STOP THE MADNESS-MANAGE AND CONTROL PROJECTS


Best Practice Processes for Project/Program Success(Outline):

  1. Program/Project Management (and Business Management) (Integration)
    • Use of Experience and Knowledge (Integration)
    • Planning and Scheduling/WBS (Scope/Time/Cost)
    • Communication Planning (Communication)
    • Status & Earned Value Reporting (Communication)
    • Performance (metrics) Reporting (Communication)
    • Risks Identification and Management (Risks)
    • Project Repository/DB (Communication/Lessons Learned/Knowledge Transfer)
    • Change Management (Integration)
    • Subcontractor/Vendor Control (Procurement)
    • Team Building (Human Resource)
  2. Development Process (Integration/Solution/Scope)
    • Selection of the appropriate model/technique (e.g., Interactive, Waterfall, Spiral, Evolutionary Object Oriented, Structured)
    • Selection of the appropriate implementation methodology (e.g., MSF, RUP, GXP, DOD- STD 2167 and other standards)
    • Selection, if required, to use Rapid Development
    • Rapid Application Development/Joint Application Development (RAD/JAD)
    • Prototypes and Mockups
    • Interviews and Facilitated Sessions
    • Collaboration
    • Selection of technical and project reviews
    • Selection of development and support tools and applications

  3. Configuration Management (Integration/Scope/Control) (described in the book "Software and Firmware Configuration Management", subtitled "Management Control and Quality".)
    • Configuration Identification
    • Configuration Control - Software/Application, Firmware (Embedded Software, and Systems)
    • Configuration Status Accounting
    • Configuration Audits
  4. Quality Assurance (Integration/Quality/Control)
    • Verification
    • Validation
    • Testing

Some of the organizations that support these practices and certifications for their professional knowledge recognized in many industries are: Project Management Institute (PMI) , American Management Association (AMA), Software Engineering Institute (SEI), Electronic Industries Association (EIA), Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE), International Organization for Standardization (ISO), and the Department of Defense (DOD).

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Eddie R. Williams, recognized as a highly successful program/project manager, is the author of the multiple publications written to promote successful projects through methods that have led to his outstanding success. Get the FULL Detailed Best Practice Processes case study at:

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