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Process Focus: Executing

After a plan is place, and after it has been approved, and the project team members assembled, it is time to actually put the plan into action and begin actually accomplishing the project objectives. This does not mean that everything happens all at once. Rather, the executing project management process group encompasses almost the entire project, as each stage of the plan is executed in order. By consulting the project plan (which should be readily available on project management software) the project manager can stay abreast of what should be happening, and when it should be happening.

A very important part of executing the project is making sure that the team remains motivated. As each member begins performing her or his assigned tasks, and as the project progresses and some assignments begin to feel monotonous, the project manager needs to keep up morale. By giving constructive feedback and by praising a job well done, the project manager can help team members feel appreciated. Sincere comments on work done encourage those working on the project to do a good job and fulfill their duties in an efficient manner. Constructive suggestions on how to improve performance can also help. But the project manager must remain professional and suggest improvements in a private and sensitive manner that is not personal.

This is also the time that outside contractors and vendors should be working on their portions of the project. The project manager should make sure that everything is going according to plan, and that things both in house and out are on schedule. Project management software can be a big boon, as it provides a visual representation of what is actually being accomplished.

Project management software can also be helpful as the project manager prepares progress reports for her or his own supervisors. The information garnered from the program is often helpful. Additionally, many of these project management programs actually provide easy tools for creating visual aids such as charts and tables for display. Team members should also periodically report on their progress to the project manager during the executing phase of the project.

Any changes are also handled at this time. If something needs to be redone, or if the project is expanded or reevaluated, it happens during the execution stage. This is essential when all of the work to complete the project is accomplished. If a little more needs to be done, or if adjustments to the output need to be made so that it more closely matches the project objectives, this is done as part of the executing.

The executing project management process group is arguably the most important, as this is when everything actually gets done. The project manager refers to the plan and the charter to evaluate whether or not what is happening matches what the end result should be. This is where the product is made, the system integration takes place, or the research is obtained. Having a reliable team that can accomplish tasks on deadline makes all the difference at this stage. This is also where the project manager takes advantage of the careful planning done before, and learns lessons to make a better plan for the next project.

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