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Integrating Multiple Projects

In today’s complex corporate environment, a project manager is likely in charge of more that just one project. In fact, she or he may find that not only is there more than one project to manage, but that some of the team members may actually be remotely located. This means that there are many factors that need to be taken into consideration when integrating multiple projects. Luckily, with the help pf project management software, and some organization and creativity, project management can be made a little easier.

When leading multiple projects, it is important to keep in mind that all general project management strategies should be utilized. The hard part is keeping everything straight, especially if one is planning to share resources across projects. Making sure that everything is in proper order, and that all resources are where they should be requires a great deal of organization and understanding of various processes.

Two of the most important aspects of managing and integrating multiple projects are effective delegation and prioritization. These are two very important management principles that every good project manager is accustomed to putting into practice. When creating integrated schedules and executing plans for concurrent projects, delegation and prioritization become very important. While project management software can help you create schedules, it cannot make decisions for you. Learning how to wisely delegate and how to correctly prioritize are key to the successful integration of multiple projects.

Delegation is the ability to trust other project team members some of the important tasks. Because the project manager cannot be on all project sites all the time, it is important for the manager to appoint a capable deputy to handle issues for each project. The deputy can bring very serious problems to the project manager, should a situation arise while the manager is working on one of his or her other projects. The key is to find someone who has good common sense and has expertise about the project.

Prioritization is being able to recognize which tasks and resources are the most important. It is also the idea to determine where certain resources should go, and in what order, among all of the projects. When deciding what tasks for what projects should have priority, a project manager can consult with an integrated schedule or budget as many of them can be created using project management software. While the software cannot tell you what you should do, it provides and organized and easy way for you to view all of the information pertinent to your projects, helping you make the best possible decisions.

Integrating multiple projects can be a real challenge. However, it is a reality of today’s business environment. Using project management software can help you more efficiently integrate schedules and resource use, and it can help you stay organized throughout the concurrent project timetables. However, this will only help you survive the ordeal if you merely look at what is available. By applying the information you learn from the project management software to help you make sound delegation and prioritization decisions you can make all of your projects sure successes.

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