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How NOT to be an Effective Project Manager

Just as there are plenty of things that a good project manager does to make the project run more smoothly and ultimately end in success, there are some things that a project manager (or his or her company) can do that effectively sabotages the project and can lead to failure.

Provide no authority, The worst thing a company or firm can do to a project is to give the project manager no real authority. In order to practice effective project management, a leader needs to be able to acquire the people, tools, and resources (including good project management software) to make the project a success. She or he should also have the authority to replace ineffective team members and negotiate contracts with outside contributors.

Ambiguity in communication, Without clearly defined objectives, roles, and assignments, a project will fall pretty flat. A project manager needs to clearly communicate what is expected, and convey the scope of the project to team members as well as his or her superiors. An environment of open communication should be encouraged, and the project manager should be available to answer questions. Goals should be give to all members of the team, and the project’s objectives should be clearly stated.

“Jump right in,” While enthusiasm is a good quality, beginning heedlessly without a real plan or necessary authorizations and approvals can cause problems. Effective project management requires a plan of action, as well as defined objectives. It also requires that a solid staff be formed. While it may take a few extra days to get organized, in the long run time is saved by proper planning and making sure everything is authorized beforehand.

Add additional considerations partway through the project, When a company or a project manager adds expectations or changes the end result partway through the project, real problems can arise. While minor tweaking or changes throughout can be expected, adding new stakeholders who will give opinions and change expectations or adding a whole new group of objectives are sure ways to sink the project. Adding all of these extras without additional funding only hastens the chance of demise and ultimate failure.

Pestering team members needlessly, If a project manager has assembled a team of reliable and knowledgeable people, there should be no reason to continually interrupt or pester members. Additionally, calling endless meetings and requesting voluminous reports wastes time and frustrates team members. Requesting a short synopsis of where team members are at weekly or bi-weekly is enough, as is monitoring performance and being available to help when needed or answer questions or clarify. Project managers should also run interference against their bosses who try to get in and micromanage.

Don’t prioritize, If a project manager does not know what is more important and when it is important, then problems can arise as ambiguity sets in. Additionally, one deadline might be missed while the team is concentrating on something that is not as important. Project management software can help project managers keep track of schedules and understand priorities.

By avoiding these common mistakes, the management of a project can go much more smoothly and contribute to the overall success of a project.

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