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Using Online Collaboration Software: Centralized and Integrated Solutions

When project management means managing team members in an effort to combine the work of multiple members, whether at the same site or in different places, collaboration software is needed. Online collaboration involves working together to complete a project by the use of computer programs. There are many different types of project management software that can help project managers integrate the efforts of their team members to produce one outstanding result. The two main types of project management software designed to enhance group member collaboration are centralized and integrated.

Centralized project management software can be quite useful in some situations. If everyone on your team has training in a specific type of online collaboration software, then it is not a problem to create presentations, papers, and reports using a centralized software program. If a project manager’s team members are all located on site, then a centralized solution may be appropriate.

However, there are some things that need to be taken into consideration when using centralized programs for online collaboration. First of all, the applications are specific, so each member must learn the software and know how to effectively use it. Additionally, project team members must be online in order to view or check out documents. Some programs require that work be done online. If a document or a portion of the work is sent to another member via email, a centralized software program may not track it (although some of them do).

Using integrated project management software, however, eliminates some of these problems. Most integrated programs, rather than using their own applications, allow project team members to use applications like those found in the Microsoft Office Suite. Many of the programs provide ways for documents to be tracked through email and file transfers. Finally, it is possible for team members to complete work offline. It makes it easier for the project manager to oversee the various progress being made, and integrated software also makes it easier to bring in outside help, as the newcomers would not have to learn new software in order to join the team.

In today’s technologically advanced world, it is reasonable to expect that many projects require online collaboration. This is because as companies expand and as employees come from a variety of places, team members will need to be able to work with each other to accomplish project objectives. Online collaboration software makes great project management software, as it allows the project manager to head up projects that may span more than one location. Even if they do not, online collaboration cuts down on the amount of time one must spend in project meetings.

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