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Promoting Project Team Success

Any good project manager knows that to achieve success on a project, she or he must have a good team. The success must be the entire team’s success, or the project will fail. In order to promote team success, the project management must be effective and sound. Leaders must lead rather than force the project through to completion. Additionally, the project manager must make sure that he or she is helping team members understand their roles and complete their assigned tasks.

The first thing that the project manager must do is to make sure that the entire team is on the same page regarding the project and the project objectives. Team members must know what the project is about and what it is meant to accomplish. Additionally, there must be motivation toward the goal. Because so often money is only so much of a motivator (people just come in and do the minimum to get their paychecks), it does not provide the emotional reasons that help give that extra motivation. Feelings of satisfaction must be cultivated throughout the project. If team members feel as though they are contributing to the success of the group, and that they are valued members of the team, they will do better work, because they are working for more than just a paycheck.

In order for project team members to feel good about what they are doing, they need to know what they are doing. A project manager should know the skill sets and knowledge of her or his team members. When assigning tasks and determining roles for each stage of the project the manager should take into account individual strengths and talents. This way, each team member is set up to succeed. Effective project management also requires that the leader clearly explain what is expected of each member, and ensure that each team member knows what he or she is supposed to do.

When training is needed it is the project manager’s duty to provide it. All necessary training and tools should be arranged for. If a task requires the use of a specific computer program, like project management software to manage the budget, then the team member in charge of accounts and budgets should be trained in the proper use of the equipment. Not only should team members be trained, but they should also be provided with the equipment they need.

Finally, the project manager should provide constructive feedback and celebrate goals accomplished and milestones reached. Team members should feel that they are moving forward, so periodic status updates should be given so that they can track their own progress and feel good about it. Project management software can help project managers create presentations that visually show progress. Additionally, good work should be praised. Unsatisfactory work should be privately addressed in a professional and non-personal manner, with encouragement and tips on how to improve. When project milestones are met, there should be a mini-celebration to show appreciation. Project team members should know that what they accomplish brings the entire project to a successful completion.

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