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Effective Project Management: Solving Problems as They Arise

The effective project manager knows how to be a problem solver. Almost no project goes perfectly, without any hang-ups or problems. The project manager needs to be prepared for things to go awry at some point during the process. If she or he is properly prepared, the manager can more effectively overcome setbacks and keep the project on track. Project management software can be a helpful tool in assessing risk and helping train project managers to effectively handle problems that arise over the course of a project. A successful project is not one that had no bumps; it is one where the bumps were smoothed over and worked out.

One of the most effective ways to solve problems as they arise to practice continuous risk assessment and management. It is important to take into account possible problems during the initiating and planning phases of the project, but good project management requires that risk assessment be ongoing. Rather than simply mitigate the problems foreseeable at the beginning and then assume nothing else will come up, the project manager should be aware of the current state of things. He or she should analyze where the project is at, and honestly evaluate where it appears to be headed. This way, when a new risk appears, it is caught early. Managing risk before it becomes a huge problem is one if the most effective project management techniques available.

Another important thing to remember is to attack all problems head on. Do not try to run from them or sweep them under the rug. Small, unaddressed issues can turn into big unavoidable problems if left alone. By taking care of problems as soon as you are aware of them is a good way to take care of them before they become glaring, and possibly noticed by your own supervisors. While you may be not feel that a project is going smoothly, your boss may not have any idea that you are running into problems. If you address issues and problems before they get out of hand, your supervisor will only know that things are running on time, and that objectives are being met. And this is what sets a great manager apart from one that is merely competent or good.

Cultivate an environment where team project members feel comfortable approaching you with potential problems. Listen to concerns and then solicit advice from the team member regarding a possible solution. If it is something that the team member can handle, the project manager should delegate the solution to that team member, or offer to work with the member to solve the problem. A good manager knows when her or his people can handle the problem, and the members respect a manager who appreciates their abilities.

It is possible to use project management software to help assess risk, and this can be a very helpful tool. However, it is important to note that while project management software can provide hints and helps, it is ultimately up to the project manager to be able to come up with a viable and appropriate solution.

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