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Whenever someone is made a new project manager, he or she needs support and help in becoming successful. When you have a competent and confident project manager who is supported and feels good about her or his abilities, projects assigned to that manager tend to get done, and they tend to be done well. The manager feels good about the job, and is more likely to enjoy producing superior results. There are project management software programs that offer courses in project management and can benefit new managers. But what they really need is attention and encouragement in four areas: basic knowledge, values and mission, actions and procedures, and mentoring.

Basic knowledge, A new project manager should be acquainted with the lingo and the basic terms of his or her profession. Management terms and concepts should be explained to the new manager, and how they should be used. New project leaders should be equipped with basic knowledge on scheduling, project charters, and other necessities that contribute to good project management. They should also have a rundown of their responsibilities and authority as project managers. They should be equipped with a good job description and with an idea of the hierarchy in which they are involved.

Values and mission, The values of good management and the company mission should be explained to the new project manager. He or she should understand why good communication is essential and should understand how the company feels about valuing its employees, including project team members. The basic company mission should be explained, and the company’s core values of customer treatment, employee treatment, and quality of products or results should be explained. When the new project manager knows what is expected of him or her, management will be more effective.

Actions and procedures, When the new leader has a grasp of the basic terms and responsibilities of her or his job, and when the project manager is acquainted with the overall mission of the company and its values, it is time to explain actions and procedures. This is practical knowledge such as how to build a schedule and the steps to creating a project charter. It should also include company procedure on receiving approval for a project or for a budget. Many companies have project management software that help teach these skills in a step-by-step manner to new managers.

Mentoring, After the new project manager has received training in the above areas, he or she should receive follow up help and mentoring. The supervisor should be available for questions and concerns, and to provide guidance.

Whenever a new project manager begins her or his new duties, there should be proper training and support. Superiors should be understanding, and promote a feeling of comfortable communication. New leaders should not be made to feel awkward asking for advice or clarification. The new project manager cannot be expected to know all policies and procedures, and should be encouraged to ask questions. When a project manager receives proper support, he or she is empowered to do an excellent job and create success for the company.

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