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Project Management Software Features

Enterprise Project Management at a Non-Enterprise Price!

Project Management Software Features:

Collaborate on Projects with Clients and Staff: With the multi-user log-ins you can control who has access to your Project Management Software. Your clients, staff, vendors, Outsource Resources and at home workers will all be kept up to date on the projects they are assigned to.

Multi User Log-ins: There is no limit on the number of users the system can hold. Each user can be granted different privileges to access only the areas of the program specified and may also have "Read Only" or "Read Write" access.

Project Categorization: The categorization feature of the program allows you to categorize projects by friendly, or industry specific category names. By default they are broken down into 8 categories: "In Progress", "Not Defined", "Proposed", "In Planning", "On Hold", "Complete", "Archived" and "All" These names are completely customizable. Additionally, the system allows for you to assign color codes to projects, grouping types of projects together for easy visual reference.

File Sharing, (Centralized File Repository): Attach files to projects or tasks. The files are stored centrally on the web server allowing access to anyone you grant permission to. View all of your attached files on the Files Tab. Managing working project files such as Word docs, Spread sheets, graphics, CAD documents etc. is much simpler now as well with the "Check In" & Check Out" feature. This feature will alert users when a document they want to access is checked out for editing. It also provides a complete historical versioning system allowing you to view all of the historical versions of the file.

Project based discussion forum: The project based discussion forum gives your company the ability to set up project based discussion areas. The areas are directly tied to the projects and the ongoing discussion will show up in the Projects as well as on the Forums tab.

Friendly Project Names: Assign Projects & Tasks any name you wish, no specialized codes here.

Project Ownership: The system keeps track of the creator of the project and whomever is assigned to the tasks in the project. The projects can also be set to be Private, Public or Participant based within the users on the system.

Del agate Project Tasks to Users: One of the best features of the program is the ease of which tasks can be assigned to users. Just click on the user(s) you wish to assign the task to and they will be automatically e-mailed with all of the pertinent information and a link that when clicked automatically takes them directly back to the Project Management Software Task you assigned for them.

Automatic E-mail notification: Anytime a project is updated by any users all participants in the project will be automatically notified by e-mail of the exact progress and a link back to the specific Project task.

Project Target Dates, Hours, Days & Budgets: Set the Project target finish date and track your progress on the graphical Gantt charts. By setting the Task Target dates, target hours or days you will be able to monitor, manage, and report on every hour that is spent on a project, by whom and how they did with regards to staying within your expected target durations.

Dependant Project Tasks: The Project Management Software utilizes a hierarchical task list. You can set up dependant project tasks "child tasks". The times can be dynamic and the Project folder like view will allow you to see the dependant tasks much like windows explorer hierarchical folder view.

Milestones: Easily identify project milestones within a project by setting any task to be a milestone. It will display differently from normal tasks making it easy to identify and it will automatically be updated in the gantt charts as a milestone as well.

Custom Project Management Web Address: Free with your subscription you will receive a customized web address for you to access the Project Management Software from. Having your own address demonstrates to the business world how serious you are about Good Project Management. Example: "www.YourCompany.Smoothprojects.com"

Projects - Projects are assigned and related to clients, project managers and the appropriate employees. Each can have separate log-ins that allow them to view their specific projects.

Gantt charts: Gantt Charts help you visually to get the big picture or where you are with regards to all of your ongoing projects. The Project Management Software has a wonderful interface that is completely intuitive.

Calendar: The calendar is directly tied to the ongoing projects. The project calendar show a graphical calendar interface with all of the pertinent ongoing projects. It is able to filter by month, week or day.

Client/Company Management: The Project Management software integrates your contact data for clients, vendors, and internal contacts. They all will be available to you no matter where you are using Smooth Projects Project Management Hosting Services.

Contact List: All of your contact lists can also be stored in the project management software. It also has the V-card capability making importing and exporting simple.



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